zondag 11 september 2016

Sébastien Izambard Official Fan Club Auction : #BroadwayforAMTM


There is a new auction for AMTM called #BroadwayForAMTM. You can bid via the page of Il Divo Fans For Charity (details below).The auction start at the 11th of sept till the 21th of sept. Lets grab those tickets!

this is wat the Sébastien Izambard Official Fan Club wrote about it :

This auction package contains items that where exclusive to the Il Divo Broadway Shows during the kick off of the Il Divo A Musical Affair tour in november 2013.
The Package includes : 
* A Musical Affair (AMA) Tour Programme,Broadway show exclusive
* A Playbill from the performances
* Broadway VIP Lanyard
* AMA Notebook gift,included in all the VIP packages for the tour
* 1 ticket from the November 9th Performance
* 1 gift bag from the AMA tour.
all proceeds of this auction fundraiser will go to AMTM. The auction starts on Sunday,sept 11th,9pm CET and will end automatically on Wednesday,sept 21st,9pm CET
PLACE YOUR BIDS HERE : ildivofansforcharity/broadwayforamtmauction

lets rock this auction!


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