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Sébastien Izambard Official Fan Club News : Governement Registration Number, Publishing in the Belgian State Journal and Business News!

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Much news from the Sébastien Izambard Official Fan Club wich we are a proud affliate from! They got their Governement Registration Number and they are published in the Belgian State Journal (Moniteur Belge). They also have updated their financial business information. Want to know more? read this article and make sure you go to and , more info about how to reach the fanclub below!

SIOFC recieved their Governement Registration Number! 

The Sébastien Izambard Official Fan Club have received their Governement Registration Number. This number 0661.670.850 is the official Belgian Registration number. This means that in Belgium,the law states that on each official document,like an invoice, that the organisation uses,the name Sébastien Izambard Official Fan Club VZW or ASBL (VZW or ASBL are the Dutch and French abbreviations for non profit organisation) as also the number is mentioned.
They have now also opend an dedicated,professional bank account wat also will serve for the Charity Project (more info see below) and also their Paypal account will be convert in a business account! 

SIOFC in the Belgian State Journal (Moniteur Belge)
The most legal step in the registration process is that the Sébastien Izambard Official Fan Club is published on the website of the Belgian State Journal/Moniteur Belge/Belgisch Staatsblad,the governetment's publication for laws,decrees and official organisations. This was at the 5th of september. This give them the professionalisation of their financial processes.

Fanclub - #ildivofansforcharity financial business information
The Legal registration of the Sebastien Izambard Official Fan Club as a non profit has given way to the creation of a dedicated,professional bank account for the organisation aswell an upgrade to a business Paypal account. So the people who fundraise,shop and donate via will be 200% sureof a safe and professional financial dealing,monitored by the governement.

For the payment options in the store and the donation possibilities this means the following : 
* the store have a Paypal Express Check - Out - even quicker via the business paypal
* the store handles credit card payments directly.

The Full financial information for donations,fundraising and shopping is now as following : 

Bank account owner : Sébastien Izambard Official Fan Club
IBAN : BE11 0017 9437 8748
Banking institution : BNP Paribas Fortis (Belgium)
Appearance on credit card statements : SEBASTIENIZ

at their website the details are already been changed. The adress for the contact of the merchandise / sales team for questions is still

How to reach Sébastien Izambard Official Fan Club and Il Divo Fans For Charity?

Sébastien Izambard Official Fan Club : 
Via the website :
via Twitter : @official_sifc
via Instagram : @sifcofficial

Il Divo Fans For Charity :

Wat are the charities Sébastien Izambard Official Fan Club / Il Divo Fans For Charity is fundraising and raising awareness for? 

Assitstance Medicale Toit Du Monde (AMTM)
AMTM is and French organisation who operate in Nepal and India to help older people and children. They build,teach and take care of them.
You find AMTM here : 
at the website :
at Facebook : amtm
at Twitter : @amtm_fr

The Sanfilippo Children's Foundation Australia
Sanfiippo,is an rare and fatal syndrome called MPSIII. It's a genetic concdition that affects the metabolism and results in severe damages to the Central Nervous System. Sanfilippo is referred as a childhood disease becuase patients never reach adulthhood. 
The mission of the Sanfilioppo Children's Foundation is to drive research,enable acces to effective treatments and improve the quality of life for Australian children affected by the fatal childhood desease. 

You find the Sanfilippo Children's Foundation Australia here :
the website :
at twitter : @SFCFoundtn
at Instagram : @sfcfoundtn

Nordoff Robbins : 
Nordoff Robbins helps with music therapy. 

You can find Nordoff Robbins here :
at Facebook : Nordoff Robbins 
at Twitter : @NordoffRobbins1

If you need more information don't hesistate to ask the team of SIOFC! Lets make this project bigger and lets raise awareness for the charities cause they need help from all of YOU! Without you this would not exist!

Caro x

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