woensdag 24 augustus 2016

Sebastien Izambard OFFICIAL Fan Club!! Congratulations!

Hello everyone!

Happy news! *happy dance* ;)
This crazy admin is now official secretary of the Sebastien Izambard Official Fanclub!!
At monday the 22th we signed the papers at the bank and papers to become a no - profit organisation!
So now Anne-Lies Jacobs is our President, Delphine is Treasurer and i am secretary.

This is wat Anne-Lies had to say about it on monday :

So this happened today... 😳😱😎It is done! The bank liked it, the papers were approved Sébastien Izambard Official Fan Club vzw is a registered non profit and will receive its registration number from Belgian government on 24th August! @sifcofficial Team ladies, this is for you as well! Patron @sebdivo, à ta santé et mille mercis! To everyone at AMTM and @sfcfoundtn, we love you and the #ildivofansforcharity are behind you! To everyone supporting us you are our reason for being and inspiration, we will work for you! Let's get to work... After this! #SIFC #sifcofficial #legal #registered #nonprofit #nonprofitorganization #thisisforreal

Well we say : Congratulations Sebastien Izambard Official Fan Club!!!!!!!!!!!!! more than happy to be part of this and more than happy to be a proud affliate! Up to more good work!

More info you will find on these webstites : 

zaterdag 13 augustus 2016

New website for the Sebastien Izambard Official Fan Club and they become an Non - Profit organisation!

Hello again!

news and good news from the Sebastien Izambard Official Fan Club! Anne - Lies Jacobs made a new website for the fan club and it's a juwel! It's beautiful! Great job and congratulations
Also the news came by they become official as an non - profit organisation! again congratulations!

visit Sebastien Izambard Official Fan Club to see this beautiful website! 

New website for Il Divo 4 Ever

hello everyone,

as you can see we have a brand new webite and we hope you like it as much as we do!

as always you find us here :  Il Divo 4 Ever!

leave us a message about  what you think!

team ID4E